Poster for One Last Job: An improvised Heist. 4 improvisers, dressed in colourful outfits, have broken into a vault full of diamonds and gold. They are, in order: holding a shark, juggling, playing ping pong, and using a jackhammer.

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Duration: 1 hour. Dates: Wed 6 – Sat 9 March 2023.

Crown Jewels? State secrets? A dubious modern art installation?

Whatever you pick, the Cambridge Impronauts’ highly-trained team of professional thieves is going to steal it. Using all the skills at their disposal, our squad is hoping to pull off one last heist before (maybe) riding into the sunset. And what skills would those be? Well, you decide that too!

Featuring daring manoeuvres, double-crosses, high-speed getaways, or light sprinklings of interpersonal tension, every show is unique and never to be seen again. So come laugh, or jeer, at our cohort of criminals as they turn your suggestions into the high-octane heist of the century!

This production is suitable for ages 16 and over.