The Cambridge Impronauts

The Impronauts are the biggest and oldest Improvised Comedy troupe in Cambridge, and our members are a mixture of students from both universities, and locals. We love Improv because we get to create new stories, situations, emotions, and reactions every time we step on stage. Similarly, audiences love it because they get to help create something with their suggestions, and they know they’ve seen a genuinely unique show!

Trailer for Impro-geddon : an Improvised Apocalypse

We mostly perform two kinds of show: Fast-paced shows full of games and skits; and long-form, movie-esque improvised stories.

Edinburgh Fringe 2019 saw the return of our “Improv Actually” show – an improvised romantic comedy. We regularly take over the ADC Theatre Bar to perform Quickfire! in a cosy setting. The Impronauts are also proud to have created a smash-hit project: Comic Sans Men. It is a series of shows run completely by women and non-binary performers and will be repeated this term as “Comic Sans Men Again“.

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In addition, we occasionally perform immersive theatre experiences, as well as office parties, wandering character work etc. Send us a message!

What’s On


2020 : Wed 29 Jan to Sat 1 Feb

An Impronauts Apocalypse : You'll have the last laugh
Image shows zombies

Come to the ADC Theatre and watch as our talented team of comedy improvisers perform the apocalyptic movie that you wish existed!

What catastrophe will you have them thrown into tonight? You decide! Are all the Sheep now hungry for human brains? Did bloodthirsty Sharks get swept up into an endless Tornado? Has Big Ben Exploded and now Time Itself No Longer Exists? How will our stage-denizens survive? What will become of their dreams, ambitions, and relationships when society is turned upside down? Let the drama (and comedy) unfold!

Tickets are available here:

Access Info (note we’re in the Auditorium)​.

Impronauts: Quickfire!

Quickfire Logo (text over a photo of stars)

Impronauts: Quickfire is our short-form show made up of completely improvised comedy scenes and skits. Nothing is scripted in advance. Everything you see is a Zero-Hour creation made up on the night based on audience suggestions!
Join us in the ADC Theatre Bar for an hour of seat-of-the-pants comedy where not even we know what will happen. We always leave our audience smiling!

Access Info (note we’re in the Bar, not Auditorium)​.
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  • Sun 19 January at 8:00pm
  • Sun 16 February at 8:00pm
  • Sun 8 March at 8:00pm

You can buy tickets in advance from the ADC website, or buy them on the door (if we haven’t sold out again).

Comic Sans Men Again

2020: Wed 4 – Sat 7 March

They say third time’s the charm, although the first two times were pretty charming too!

Join us for Comic Sans Men Again when we return to grace the ADC stage with an hour of hilarity, without a script or a man in sight.
Roman used to think that women couldn’t be funny.
Roman doubted that comedy could be made up on the spot.
Silly Roman.
Now the time’s new, Roman

Tickets are available here: Comic Sans Men Again

  • Wed 4 March at 11:00pm
  • Thu 5 March at 11:00pm
  • Fri 6 March at 11:00pm
  • Sat 7 March at 11:00pm

Access Info (note we’re in the Auditorium)​.

Get Involved: Open Workshops

People often underperform in auditions. That’s why we don’t hold them.

Impronauts Open Workshop

If you would like to learn how to do Improv, or brush up on your skills, you are welcome to attend our Open Workshops, regardless of experience! It’s free, and it’s fun!
From these workshops, we invite the most diligent, dedicated and passionate people to become Impronauts. Welcome aboard!
No high-pressure, gone-in-a-flash, easily-messed-up audition. Instead, we’ll work with you to hone your skills until you’re ready to join the troupe.

Of course, you can just come and have fun even if you don’t ever want to perform on stage!

We normally* run Open Workshops on Saturdays during term time from 11:00-13:00, in the ADC Theatre bar.​
Join the Facebook group ‘Impronauts Workshops‘, or sign up to our Impronauts Workshops Mailing List. We have Facebook Events for them, too!
*Sometimes we have to make changes to the schedule, so please do check Facebook and the mailing list. (There might even be some bonus workshops outside term time!)