Who are we?

The Cambridge Impronauts are the biggest and oldest Improvised Comedy troupe in Cambridge (Since 2003), and our members are a mixture of students from both universities, and locals. We love Improv because we get to create new stories, situations, emotions, and reactions every time we step on stage. Audiences love it because they get to help create something with their suggestions, and they know they’ve seen a genuinely unique show!

We create shows based on sketches and games, and also entire improvised plays. See Past Shows for an overview.

We also run free weekly Open Workshops for students and locals alike during term time. Want to get involved with improv and learn some skills, make friends and have a laugh? Come along!

Would you like us to create a show for your event? Send us a message! We perform at may balls, freshers’ shows, garden parties, events and more. We can also perform for free at welfare and charity events!

What’s On

One Last Job – Lent Term Longform – Corpus Playroom

Duration: 1 hour. Dates: Wed 6 – Sat 9 March 2023. Time: 9.30pm

Get Tickets Now: One Last Job (adctheatre.com)

Poster for One Last Job: An improvised Heist. 4 improvisers, dressed in colourful outfits, have broken into a vault full of diamonds and gold. They are, in order: holding a shark, juggling, playing ping pong, and using a jackhammer.

Crown Jewels? State secrets? A dubious modern art installation?

Whatever you pick, the Cambridge Impronauts’ highly-trained team of professional thieves is going to steal it. Using all the skills at their disposal, our squad is hoping to pull off one last heist before (maybe) riding into the sunset. And what skills would those be? Well, you decide that too!

Featuring daring manoeuvres, double-crosses, high-speed getaways, or light sprinklings of interpersonal tension, every show is unique and never to be seen again. So come laugh, or jeer, at our cohort of criminals as they turn your suggestions into the high-octane heist of the century!

Quickfire! – Sundays – 8pm – ADC bar

Duration: 1 hour. Dates: 21st Jan, 4th & 18th Feb, 3rd March.

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Let the Impronauts entertain you with Quickfire: an hour of improvised comedy, sure to set the house on fire!

Every fortnight, Cambridge’s best-loved improvised comedy troupe set the ADC Bar ablaze with a variety of hilarious scenes, games, and songs all completely made up on the spot. Each Quickfire is based on audience suggestions, so no two shows are ever the same! So get ready to ignite your humour and put our improvisers in the hot-seat with your suggestions.

No script. No rehearsals. No problem.

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Get Involved: Open Workshops

Sundays During Term. 11:00am – 1:00pm. ADC Bar, FREE!

Re-starting Sunday 14th January. 11:00am – 1:00pm at the ADC theatre bar.

If you would like to learn how to do Improv, brush up on your skills, or just have a bit of silly fun with us friendly folk, then you are welcome to attend our Open Workshops! It is open to all experience levels, and to all students and non-students alike. Give it a try. It’s free, and it’s fun!

From these workshops, we invite the most diligent, talented and passionate people to become Impronauts, sometimes in combination with auditions.

Of course, you can just come and have fun even if you don’t ever want to perform on stage!

Join the Facebook group ‘Impronauts Workshops‘, or sign up to our Impronauts Workshops Mailing List to get regular updates.


AUDITIONS CLOSED at the moment

Want to perform on stage with the Impronauts? Then please come and audition! By joining us, you get to:

  • Sign up to perform in any Impronauts show. We usually do 4 short form shows in a term, and 1 long form. Plus external shows (e.g. May Balls). So plenty of chances to get involved!
  • Impronauts members workshops, to sharpen our skills and just hang out!
  • Sign up to perform at Edinburgh Fringe. We usually perform there every August. We also aim to subsidise performers’ accommodation costs each year with the Fringe profits
  • Impronauts socials
  • Subsidised training/workshops whenever they arise
  • Sign up to join the committee and keep our beloved society running
  • Get paid for external shows, if funds allow