Past Shows

The Cambridge Impronauts have been performing improvised long-form narrative shows for many years. These shows are made up entirely on the spot, and we create an entire play with a plot, characters, emotions, atmosphere, and plenty of laughter. On this page, you can read about some of our past shows to see why we’re so popular!

Most of the time none of the performers will even know what type of character they will be playing, or whether they’ll be in a towering lead-role or a vital secondary character. There may be a format for each run, such as Romantic Comedy, Arthurian Legend, or B-Movie Horror – the cast and director will practice creating these stories, working together, finding relationships and reaching closure.

When it’s showtime, you really will see an entirely unique performance.
If you don’t believe us, come back the next day!


You can watch clips and even full shows of our past performances on the Impronauts YouTube Channel

Edinburgh Fringe 2019 

Improv Actually Title Banner

This Edinburgh Fringe, let the Cambridge Impronauts steal your heart with a brand-new romantic comedy created on the spot, where you can be the star. Watch characters created from your descriptions go through the trials of love, be it first dates, awkward breakups, or, if they’re lucky, happily ever after. It’s a love story to warm the cockles of your heart and make your belly ache from laughter, and it will only be performed once. Don’t stand us up.

Pre-Show interview with Phoenix Remix

” in awe of improv performers’ ability to create a story on the spot […], and now I hold those who do the same musically in similar esteem.”
“the improvised love story managed to be funny and engaging, feeling cohesive throughout”
Fringe Binge 2019

“…exactly the kind of fast-paced humour that makes improvisation work…”
“…admiration must also go to Jonatan Rosten, who provided a beautifully subtle keyboard soundtrack to moments of tenderness or conflict…”
– Varsity 2019


The show was a great success!

Varsity gave us 4-Stars!

Can’t get enough of swamp creatures and space aliens? Vampire children and crazy conspiracy theorists? Want to see how we’d battle killer household appliances or have a secret fear of fish? Watch us bring to life a new cult classic sci-fi horror movie before your very eyes!

The Cambridge Impronauts present Attack of the 50ft Improvisers! a thrilling improvised B-movie based entirely on your suggestions! Against all odds, our unlikely heroes will battle against otherworldly foes based entirely off audience suggestions. Buckle in for crazy characters, terrifying plot twists and horrendously dramatic death scenes. Each movie will be shown for one night and for one night only! Come along if you dare…