2020 : Jan 29- Feb 1st


At the ADC Theatre and our talented team of comedy improvisers performed the apocalyptic movie that you wish existed!

What catastrophe will you have them thrown into tonight? You decide! Are all the Sheep now hungry for human brains? Did bloodthirsty Sharks get swept up into an endless Tornado? Has Big Ben Exploded and now Time Itself No Longer Exists? How will our stage-denizens survive? What will become of their dreams, ambitions, and relationships when society is turned upside down? Let the drama (and comedy) unfold!


4 Stars – The Tab
“The performance itself had everything, it had romance, trauma, redemption arcs. It had a concerning comprehensive knowledge of Dungeons and Dragons and it most certainly had laughs, in abundance.”
Read the Tab’s review here

3.5 Stars – The Cambridge Student
“I was thoroughly entertained. Our adventure through an Ikea in Dorset was wonderfully bizarre, and everybody had a good laugh in the process. I’d recommend Impro-geddon to anyone looking for a spontaneous late-night chuckle.”
Read The Cambridge Student’s review here


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