Whim City:
A Film-Noir Improvised Comedy

2019: Nov 6th – 9th

Whim City Poster. A foggy street, two figures walk away from a chalk outline of an Impronauts body with a single rose lain over it.

The Cambridge Impronauts present Whim City: An Improvised Film‑Noir . Your suggestions create a hilarious, dark, new story every night. Think trench coats, dark alleys, gruff voices and a complete disregard for human life.
Will you see two rival gangs battling over possession of a kidnapped politician? A lone gunman taking on the full force of the mafia to avenge a dead lover? A corrupt policeman who will stop at nothing to find their lost kitten?
The audience will decide…

We were very lucky to put on a run at the ADC, and also to bring it back with our friends at Stealing the Show


3.5 Stars – Varsity
“The Cambridge Impronauts have assembled a stellar troupe of actors for their latest contribution to the Cambridge comedy scene, Whim City: An Improvised Film Noir. […] bringing the film noir genre to life in a way that is camp, fast-paced and, most importantly, very funny.”
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3 Stars – The Cambridge Student
“As usual, the Impronauts showcased their characteristic fluid wit and quick-thinking comedy.”
“I will likely always recommend the Impronauts for a fun and enjoyable evening which they have never failed to deliver.”
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