2019: June 12th – 15th

Poster for Attack of the 50ft Improvisers showing an enormous astronaut trampling a city.

Can’t get enough of swamp creatures and space aliens? Vampire children and crazy conspiracy theorists? Want to see how we’d battle killer household appliances or have a secret fear of fish? Watch us bring to life a new cult classic sci-fi horror movie before your very eyes!

The Cambridge Impronauts present Attack of the 50ft Improvisers! a thrilling improvised B-movie based entirely on your suggestions! Against all odds, our unlikely heroes will battle against otherworldly foes based entirely off audience suggestions. Buckle in for crazy characters, terrifying plot twists and horrendously dramatic death scenes. Each movie will be shown for one night and for one night only! Come along if you dare…


4 Stars – Varsity
“I have seen many of the troupe’s long-form shows, and they have consistently made me, an improv sceptic, roar with laughter”
Read Varsity’s review here