Keeping up with the Kimprov – Edinburgh Fringe

Time: 11pm – midnight
Dates: every night of 03/08 to 28/08
Venue: Gilded Balloon Patter Hoose – Nip, Edinburgh
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Tired of all the scripted ‘reality’ TV? Come get your daily dose of reality TV, but actually unscripted! Keeping Up With the Kimprov is coming to Edinburgh Fringe!

What minor inconvenience could lead to drama for this tight knit group? You tell us. Will it be a broken nail? A missing golf-club? A yacht that’s too small to fit everyone on it? The audience decides!

Each show is a unique creation for and by its audience, and will delight you with drama, love and laughter. Don’t believe us? Read the 4-star Kimprov review and catch up previous shows on YouTube.