Poster for Lights, Camera, Improvisation: The Improvised Making of an (also improvised) Motion Picture.
The title is emblazoned on a large clapperboard, with text reading 'take 369' (the previous few takes being crossed out). 
Around the clapperboard is a scene of general chaos. A man is dangling perilously from the edge of the clapperboard. A man and a woman are embracing on top.
In front of the board, a romance scene is being filmed in front of a green screen between a princess and an alien. In front is a boom operator holding a boom with his arm in a cast, and a director sat in an Impronauts-branded chair, sorting through papers reading 'Court Order' and 'Letter of Bankruptcy'. A car is swerving out of control towards the set. In the background, something is on fire.

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Duration: 1 hour. Dates: Wed 12 – Sat 15 June 2024.

Coming soon to a Playroom near you! A new blockbuster film is on the horizon. What genre is it? What’s the title? You decide!

Watch as this completely improvised movie is filmed before your eyes. And watch as it goes hilariously wrong! Between the film sets, quirky actors, stressed out directors and snarky crew all have their wacky personal dramas, leading to blockbuster disaster! Can they put aside their differences to save the film? Or will romance, rivalry and chaos drive this movie into ruin? Each night is a unique whirlwind of comedic drama, influenced by your suggestions. Get ready. Lights, camera…

This production is suitable for ages 16 and over.

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