Quickfire! - Sundays - 8pm - ADC bar
Summary of Easter term's quickfire shows.

5th May: Pick up lines!
19th May: Improv-off!
9th June: Pride-prov!

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Quickfire: Rapid fire improvised comedy. "The perfect antidote to exam term!"
The quickfire shows for the term are listed against a space themed background, with the Impronauts astronaut riding a rocket.
Pick up lines 5th may
Improv-off! 19th may
Pride-prov! 9th may

Let the Impronauts entertain you with Quickfire: an hour and a half of improvised comedy, sure to set the house on fire!

Every fortnight, Cambridge’s best-loved improvised comedy troupe set the ADC Bar ablaze with a variety of hilarious scenes, games, and songs all completely made up on the spot. Each Quickfire is based on audience suggestions, so no two shows are ever the same! So get ready to ignite your humour and put our improvisers in the hot-seat with your suggestions.

No script. No rehearsals. No problem.

Duration: 90 minutes.

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